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The year is 2014 and the graphic design world as we know it is in danger. The fate of design now rests in the hands of one company…Inikosoft Design. Born in 2003, Inikosoft rose from the ashes of the dot com crash and because of their amazing design skills and pure awesomeness, it was one of the few to survive. While the rest of the world had been conquered by evil talentless zombies, Inikosoft was able to hypnotize the Silicon Valley with their captivating graphic and web design skills. After years of secrecy, the Inikosoft team finally decided to disclose their true identities due to public demand for their talents.

Rami Wazni

Rami Wazni is the President of Inikosoft, Inc. Before founding Inikosoft in 2003, Rami was at SITSCorp – a Web Development Firm, where he was Regional Director, managing the product development team. Rami also founded ClearLeads Marketing Solutions. ClearLeads handles marketing campaigns for over 1000 real estate agents through both traditional and innovative online and offline tactics. Rami began his successful career in the Web Industry as the first employee and initial team member for eWanted, Inc., the Internet’s first reverse auction website with over 1 million users in 1999.

Rami WazniFearless Founder
Zach Crawford

Zach Crawford is the Creative Director at Inikosoft, Inc. He is responsible for the creative direction of the company and the productivity of the design team. Zach co-founded Pulse Media, Inc. in 1997, where he developed national advertising campaigns for major accounts and managed the design team. His marketing leadership reflects over 10 years of expertise in management, design and production.

Zach CrawfordCharismatic Creative Director
AnnMarie Valle

AnnMarie Valle has built a diverse portfolio in web design, branding, photography, video editing, and printing. As Project Manager at Inikosoft, she develops potent brand identities and manages both web solutions and offline campaigns from start to finish. AnnMarie actively participates in organizations promoting and advancing the industry such as the Printing Industries of Northern California annual expo, and is actively involved with Epsilon Pi Tau professional society. She is a graduate of San Francisco State University’s comprehensive Industrial Arts program, where she was honored by having her student work submitted to the International Design Conference in Florence.

AnnMarie ValleDevious Design Manager
Eric Hover

Eric Hover is Inikosoft’s “ace up the sleeve” when it comes to Social Media Marketing. His uncanny ability to generate campaigns that produce visibility, presence, and marketability to the online world is unmatched. He uses his Business and Entrepreneurship background to establish markets for clients that leave a social media footprint online. Eric is the newest member of our team but leaves nothing to chance when it comes to our clients. He works diligently one on one with our clients to ensure all of their Social Media Marketing needs are answered.

Eric HoverSEO Superstar
Ryan Dedrick

Ryan Dedrick is the Marketing Manager at Inikosoft, Inc., and by vertical, we mean vertical. He is responsible for executing marketing and social media strategies, while measuring statistical results for clients to increase their customer awareness. Ryan’s creativity and ingenuity give clients an unparalleled advantage into the world of marketing. He graduated with a Bachelor’s in Marketing from San Jose State University and is a passionate, hardworking professional.

Ryan DedrickVertical Marketing Manager
Bob Inikosoft

Bob Inikosoft is the Guinness World Record holder for the Shortest Jedi Master. As a former member of the A-Team, his crime fighting abilities have become well-known around the office. Bob attended Harvard and Stanford concurrently and graduated with a PhD in Enigmatology, which he loves to use for his elaborate office pranks. A highlight of Bob’s life is taking credit for the fanny pack and he has spent most of his life trying to bring them back!

Bob InikosoftInvisible Office Prankster
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